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May 29, 2007



do you know where in glenwood i can get swimming leasons


Where can I get swimming lessons in Durban? I am a 20 year old female and wpuld like to start during the summer holidays.


hi, we just moved to Empangeni and i want to know where can i go for training to become a swimming coach?

Adrienne Southey

My daughter wants to know where she can do training to be accredited for coaching of swimming.

window sensors

A deadbolt defies any such attack.

pakai swimsuit

My Son loves to swim but i cant allow him swimming because as he start swimming after some period of time he gets pain in his chest which is worrying me a lot :(


hy guyz m concern in blck ppls clubs there where r they nw we need blck swimmers in our national swimming team lt ssa hv to try there best to uplift those clubs back,i knw dat if those clubs cn be back on track many young strong swimmers cn uplift there talents thnx.urz in concern a former swimmer of london dolphins swimming club lihle zungu

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