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April 29, 2007


Nina-Maria Potts

JOJO!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!! I cannot believe it! And it was a truly gripping read. Congratulations for making it....am v. proud.



amazing. well done. a riveting read.


Well done JJ. A gripping read and what sounds like a tough swim. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!



You're amazing. How I wish I could have been waiting for you on the beach to cheer you on at the finish. Good for you...
What's next? Dili-Atauro?
Lots of love and congratulations

Simon Murie

Well done Jo. That's a tough swim. Yous should be very proud of yourself. You've made me start thinking of having a go. Simon

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Inspiring. The other challenge for purifying the mind is to live in a 10 sq m hut [10'x10' or 100 sq ft]. Then all 100 items in there would make you want to pare down even further. It seems hard to imagine, but if we could, we can see how peaceful it would be compared to what we normally do - hmmm ??? Why do we do this, anyway?!?

Thanks for bringing us to a modern day Walden Pond.

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